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The Importance of People in Placemaking

Welcome to another episode of Smith Lane! We’re thrilled to present a conversation with Deana Vidal, the Director of Brand Strategy at John Burns Research & Consulting (JBREC) and a leader at the New Home Trends Institute (NHTI).

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Partnerships play a vital role in building community | Ep. 3 with Chris McComas

Episode 3 of Smith Lane welcomes Chris McComas, the driving force behind MVP Sports & Social. Chris has turned his passion for bringing people together through athletic competitions and games into a thriving company.

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Following nature's blueprint

With over 40 years of legal practice under his belt, Dan has been instrumental in empowering local, national, and international non-profits, guiding them to tell their stories by aiding town founders in crafting narratives that enrich their communities. Moreover, he's been a catalyst for entrepreneurs striving to introduce innovative, world-changing products, helping them resonate with environmentally conscious consumers.

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Meet the hosts of Smith Lane

Join your hosts of Smith Lane Podcast, Monaca Smith Onstad and Callie Friedman, for this introductory episode!

Tune in to learn the story behind our podcast name, get to know more about the hosts, and uncover the topics we'll be diving into each month.

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The Demographics of Placemaking

With over 25 years of consulting experience within the real estate industry, Lesley brings a wealth of knowledge to the conversation.

Lesley delves into the art of placemaking, emphasizing the importance of understanding demographics to create spaces that resonate with diverse communities. Her unique perspective stems from years of investing time in getting to know the residents, providing her with invaluable insights on accommodating varied needs.

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